Hurry to catch the train

“The early morning hours, seemed so endless, alas, time usually runs out and then, it’s running in a hurry outside and into the cold of winter to catch the transport to work, what a jerk, time can be!“ Gun Roswell

Hurry to catch the train

The early morning hours of a cold and snowy winter day, may leave you in dismay, as the time allotted for all the tasks, was suddenly long since passed, and finding yourself in a pickle of a hurry, to get yourself ready, to leave for the workplace to get the income so steady (or at least in your dreams that was the case) anyway, you soon find out that you need to hurry the hell up and half eaten breakfast soon discarded on the table remains when hurrying out the door is the play. Alas landing on the car frozen in space, not budging one inch even if so many promises were made. So tfw next best option is to get your semi frozen ass to the railway station and hope the hell those tracks ain’t frozen too, as there is really no option to sue a case of force major as it were, if the elements of nature have decided to hate you and stand against you getting on your way to work. So fingers crossed this same thing is happening to your boss too, as from this point on there really is nothing else but the option of totally failed in getting going to the designated place of business for all parties involved.

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