Peekaboo, I see you all

“Through the cracks and nooks and crannies, I observe these so called humans doing their thing” Gun Roswell 

Peekaboo, I see you all

Always watching, always looking, forever observing, sometimes even learning, of the things they do, wrong or right, it does not matter, as there is more in the fight to be taught, than watching the simple life passing slowly by. And when the struggle is real, so are the things they all feel, hear and see, and after the battles are over, maybe some of them are stronger for it. But I cannot know that,  as I can only see what is going on, and from that, I can make a few educated guesses, of what the lessons here taught for me, could be. And with that knowledge stored in my memory banks I continue on my on going tasks, the arduous job of never ending as being the watcher all my time spending, and reporting all of it back, to the others still in their learning curve of all things in the universe. Because despite my position of being am observer of life, I am also a teacher of some kind, and hopefully all that which I am, will be used with total care and mistakes for the next ones to spare.

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