Cat a curious of what’s above

“The cats are always curious about everything around them, it’s a good thing though!“ Gun Roswell

Cat a curious of what’s above

The cat is a sitting, not spitting, rather straining its neck, trying to figure out what is buzzing above its very head. The small insects or the bigger birds might just be the pesky pests, the cat has of heard. So, alert is it now, its big ears upward straight towards the skies. Perhaps it is even something bigger, like chopper or an airplane, or if even luckier, Supergirl or some such thing. But whatever it is, the cat won’t budge as this is something it enjoys so much. Being on the prowl of something big, something like a prey or whatever its fantasy might just tickle. So, before we judge the curious cat, let’s all look up and what the fuss is about at that. Maybe we see nothing or then something which will our own curious nature just peek, or something see, which we have always tended to seek. Whatever it is, let’s be more like this curious cat, who is relentless in its search for something bigger than a hat. Let’s admire the surroundings and the skies above, who knows, maybe something will drop down!

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