Set sail to the promised land


“Hoist the sails and head on the way, as a great adventure lies ahead“ Gun Roswell

Set sail to the promised land

No matter the season, there is always a good reason, to go sailing. Well, that is of course if you can find the flowing waters to do so. But a good enough reason, to travel even farther away, to find that perfect space, where the waters freely flow and you can simply row, row, row your boat, or perhaps better still, set sail, even if it wasn’t that promised of a land ahead, rather just a familiar beach, close enough to quickly reach.

When reaching that harbour, the anticipation getting stronger each step taken as the boat is waiting, after a long hard search, the small sailing thing is there, just at reach. Then soon enough, jumping on board nervously, the small dingy shaking and stirring, but size does not matter as the most important part is to get out there, to set sail, across the lake, and even if the sense of getting to far and strange lands is a fake, it does not matter as today is all about hoisting that tall sail and hitting the breaking waves, and not be a slave to the land I have just left behind.


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