The tall and the small one


“Where there is a small one, there usually is another one taller there” Gun Roswell 

The tall and the small one

The small one was looking for some support, perhaps possibly some place to lay low, not that it would really be a stretch for this tiny one of stature, to be on the lowest of lows, but some nice shade or cover would suffice at this very moment, just to get a small moment of a respite, as it had been too long as it had been on its own, mostly defenceless and so, it was looking for something strong, on the taller side to call its protector of sorts.

 And there it was, all proud and definitely tall, a contract of such magnificent proportions, there was no denying it was strong and would most likely last, any kinds of blasts. Soldier, warrior, whatever the phrase best suited, those were all going to be used while describing the mighty tall one standing there in its place. After all, it was, well, quite tall and so, the small one immediately made its way, asking for the much needed aid and after one long glance at the poor tiny thing, the tall one decided this would be their sprint, while protecting this more helpless kind, its purpose they then could find.

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