Riding blue on the blue moped on a Monday


“The Mondays are a blast, that is if you get to ride around on a small size moped made all in blue“ Gun Roswell

Riding blue on the blue moped on a Monday

The Monday so totally came again, something non too unexpected, yet always seems to be such a surprise to see, when it is rising from the horizon with the new time in the calendar. But, instead of feeling sorry for the day, better make it as a play, while riding the best two wheeled bike there is, a small blue moped made from spare parts, just to get the much needed laugh and strength to make it through this particular day, and continue along until the next one arriving, as it is, just the first day of a very long week.

While gingerly riding down the streets, with the blue coloured and snuggly size vessel with two wheels, there are lots of interesting things all-around to see, despite it being the beginning of the very week. However, with cheers am I greeted as this uplighting sight, of a tall woman on this very small bike, is taking a tour around the neighbourhood, exploring the places with a wide smile, never mind the fact that this is totally, just another Mundane Monday.

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