This, is who I am

“I am a simple writer, making my way through the mass of talent of this world” Gun Roswell

This, is who I am

I am an extroverted introvert

With the mind of a child locked inside of an ancient body without time

I am the ever and eternal optimistic pessimist

Always looking for the worst, while expecting the best

Searching for some kind of a truth, which I never really hope to find

I am alive and well, well? But also, only living inside my own head

I am a mass of a mess, but with an outlook good no less

The eternal dreamer with a head of a cloud

Surrounded inside of it by a protective shroud

Never wanting to leave that very special place

Even whenever venturing where others may stay

But, I am okay, just the same

Being this odd one out always and everywhere

Unboxed, untethered, but wearing a pretty bow 

Just because, I like to put on a show

And so, coming to the matter of fact (or fiction)

Even if no one can that fact even begin to understand

This, is who I am

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