Lazy spot for a Sunday

“There is nothing really much to do on Sunday’s except to find the perfect spot to lay low in for the day, the best kind of stay” Gun Roswell

Lazy spot for a Sunday

The most perfect and softest spot found

And it was certainly not on the hard ground

No, it was a softly cushioned kind of a swing

Which came along with a bell and a ding

That was of course to be able to order service

For whatever kind of desires might rise up

For food or drinks of course, perhaps even 

Entertainment of sorts, such as music or shows

But even without all those things of creature comforts

The simple way of only staying, in quiet laying

Was the perfect way of spending any day

Except usually that was never quite the option

Rather only during these days called Sunday

Was it possible to indulge oneself to lay claim

Of anything personal and not requiring any strain

And so, having found this perfect of the places

There would be nothing on this Earth to remove

This carcass out of the blissful state of non-move

And so, as time passed, even if this moment lasted

Only for the day, there were no regrets whatsoever 

On display

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