Green Tram Ride 

Helsinki, Finland

“Take a ride, not on the merry-go-round, but rather on a tram, which can, go around the tracks just the same“ Gun Roswell

Green Tram Ride 

Take a long, long ride, in somewhat of a merry-go-round, the best there can be found, only this time around, there are no small horses to ride, as this one, is a fun filled easy peasy green tram ride, taking the rider to all the places with a stride, as this ride will go right through the town.

The old school electrical cart, which well, in most greatly stocked cities can be found, rolling there on their tracks close to the ground, and that is the safest way to ride, with kind of a pride, on this green and funky and multi-wheeled car of a thing, a tram to as they call it here, up north.

And so, get a ticket for a small fee, and then you too can ride the whole day, “for free” never mind the time, and if you miss some things, while looking around, whatever there can be found, simply make another round, and see the city through the eyes or rather windows while riding the green coloured tram.

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