Seated at the wine tasting booth on a Sunday

“The seat at the wine refinery, what a place to enjoy a Sunday, because sometimes, you are allowed a drink for few, right?” Gun Roswell 

Seated at the wine tasting booth on a Sunday

The Sunday pretty much a dull boring day, but a day of rest and perhaps a taste of something soothing, calming and cooling, the close by breweries wine, dulling the restless mind at least for a while.

Catching the closest seat, at the booth, where the wine yard keepers are having a few samples on display, in the multicoloured glasses just to please, the gathering crowds, as this one, is certainly a treat.

The queue forming to the left, but soon enough spreading to the right, but luckily, there is no fight, amongst the many wine loving ones, each waiting their turn of getting the soothing liquid inside of their thirsty mouths, while chatting with each other loudly.

And then, the wine gods and goddesses emerge, carried on a cloud, bearing gifts to the awaiting crowd, and without any fuss, soon the feast will start, everyone there taking a part, the grapes, the wine a flow, on this Sunday started so slow, but now, there is definitely a lot going on.

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