In the midst of a surprise winter

“The winter fell all of a sudden upon the unsuspecting land, without so much of a warning, leaving its frozen assets all over, without ever lending a hand in taking care of all that, snow!” Gun Roswell

n the midst of a surprise winter

There is nothing wring with aa little snow, but too much of a good thing, well, it’s really never good

As the never-ending piles and piles to be shovelled from the isles are getting on the old bod

The constant cold, the frozen over and slippery pavements, the slip and sliding tires of the cars and not daring to go that far, as getting stuck in a pile of the white fluff?

Well, winter, how long will you be here, bugging us, as we kinda lost, the month of monsoons and heavy rain, skipping fall almost and going straight to a frozen hell?

So, here is my ode to you winter, please leave before you become a sore and feasting splinter!

4 thoughts on “In the midst of a surprise winter

  1. Snow’s beautiful. There’s something so calming about snow falling slowly, and cats love to chase the flurries. But yes, too much is too much.

    Also, the snow is white at first and then gets gray from all the cars fumes and endless shoes landing on it. And then sometimes you sink down to your knees in the snow, and every step is a struggle. Ice is the worst.

    Too much sun can be a bad thing, too. I love sunlight and blue sky, but sometimes the sun gets blinding and blazing hot.

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