Rocking away in an old chair

“The good old rocking chair, will take you there, albeit slowly“ Gun Roswell

Rocking away in an old chair

The old and busted wooden chair, in the corner of the room glared. It wasn’t in the greatest of shapes, and most likely beyond repair. But it was a reminder of ages past, when useful things were built to last. And the memories of people already passed, seated in the respite for a while longer as the soothing rocking motion felt stronger, lulling away all the bad and sad of the day, before it was time to rest lay. 

Deciding to try the very best, to rescue the poor rocking chair from its destination, of becoming kindling for the fire, as it was totally in need so dire. So, taking the chance and maybe in the process or reparation making it last, several more years and then creating, new memories while rocking away in its lulling haze during the evenings long, after all, it was supposed to be an heirloom of sorts. 

A few weeks later, the end result of the saving process visible, only this time not in the corner, rather a better and visible place chosen for this breeze from the past, and certainly, looking much more bolder in its new coating. Certainly the worthwhile effort and a lasting joy for all of us wanting to rock in a chair even if going nowhere.

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