Spring and Summer Weather

“There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is fine, I am fine, everyone is fine. It’s just weather, changing all the time.” Gun Roswell

Spring and Summer Weather

The early morning showers, woke me up, with a light flash caused by thunder. It was not at all unexpected as it had been forecast already but usually those meteorologist make a blunders. Still, as it is the merry month of Spring or even Summer, you would think, that after several days, of temperatures in the hight twenties, Celsius as the Europeans measure it, it would be as warm as a summer’s shower, but imagine my dismay as I watched outside my window display and saw what I saw. The weather dire and dull, the temperatures could have easily been closer to null as it was freezing like before the winters storms. Now this was not nice as nobody had me warned, that today would not be bathing suit degrees rather chilling cold and wet ones to possibly and most likely make you sneeze. Well, we all know that the weather gods are here for us humans to please, but come on! Wouldn’t it be nice for that the Summer weather to finally kick in with full force and warming up not just the world wide outside, but thaw also our chilly little hearts from that wintery smart? Yeah right, it’s just weather am I right!?

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