3 am in the morning in June

“The lights are on even if it’s not even dawn?! So wha the f..k is this all about then?” Gun Roswell

3 am in the morning in June

It was supposed to be that time of the day, when you are comfortably resting in your own comfy bed. But the lights were turned on outside and there was nothing to do except open your eyes. Glaring out the window, where the confusing lights had been turned on. It wasn’t supposed to be sunrise just yet, but it seemed like the blue skies had not gotten the memo as they reflected the daily light, just for us sleepers non-delight. There is a time for everything, and this one cool and kind of an odd thing, was not one of them. Sleep is what makes the Human tick in the daily light and that strict fact cannot be ignored not even by the Almighty Mother Nature. So, next time you decide to change the universal time, please send us lowly dwellers of Earth a note or a memo, so we’ll know and can be prepared without masks covering our poor eyes, in the middle of the night, when it is time for us to be sleeping and not around the window sills to be peeking at the glorious light of the blue coloured skies. That is something we can do during the real day and it should be enough the tired Human then stated after a few huffs and puffs and sighs, as they really needed their sleep as it was supposed to be in the middle of the night!

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