Cloud whisperer 

“Look up at the skies, those gorgeous clouds up there can whisper you the most beautiful lies” Gun Roswell 

Cloud whisperer 

The fluffy soft white clouds high up in the blue skies, will tell you no lies. That is, if you are ready to believe all that which they have to tell you, as the total of truth. But you must also know, that despite their fluffy cuteness, they may be not always be so totally honest, but that does not necessarily mean that what they tell you, is any less. It is completely up to you, what part of their tales you decide to choose, as win or loose, believing in any kind of truth is always a gamble of big stakes with no one to blame. So, listen really carefully all the whispered words, those clouds above you are willing to disburse, and after all of it you have heard, then filter out the blurbs and form the perfect sentence, leading to a very good ending. Then use it as your guideline, when things are going fine, but if they turn to worse, simply reverse the order of all them whispered words and a new guiding line will once again work. At least according to the half truths softly whispered, but somehow loud, by those mesmerising soft fluffy clouds, spinning their yarn of tales all too fine, high up there, in the blue skies. But hey, those clouds cannot be faulted for their good natured actions, as they are mere reflections, of our very own wants and desires, to only hear the half truths and the appealing lies. 

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