Up to the very top of the path I go

“Up the long, long path I go, getting to the very top, only there will I stop” Gun Roswell

Up to the very top of the path I go

The path ahead long and winding, not to mention the steep incline
The task ahead me totally blinding, and I am scared without denying
Alas, the bet was placed, and I so totally hate giving up on a dream
So, maybe just maybe, this road up the hill, isn’t as hard as it seems

Threading lightly, as hurrying would most likely reside to fighting
Of both body and mind together siding and then completely residing
From the hike just now beginning, but I have decided on winning
And against my very own nature now going, brain and body damming

As I put one foot in front of the other, there really is no room for error
One single mistake, a slack step and back into the deep I will fall
Moving on, slowly and gently, thinking back of what went on with me
When I decided to take this stupid bet in the first place and now, I know

It was simply to prove myself a point, that I, could so make it to the very top
And here I do go, and none too slow, step by step, and hey, I am so up here!!

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