Day at the Beach

“Take a break, make the time, don’t complain that you can’t and then, head for the nearest beach” Gun Roswell

Day at the Beach

Always working, never resting, making excuses for no time remaining. Only, the most important things in life are not those for which you drive towards. The best and treasured moments are those, when you feel whole, a part of the universe, and those moments can only be achieved by letting yourself be free, at least sometimes. What is an afternoon, or even a day, just being lazy and on the sandy beach to lay?

So, don’t be that fake, explaining you cannot take a break. Just to it and silence all else. Unplug the cords and get out that door. No matter a short walk, hike or even a day at the beach, just somewhere else quickly reach. Even if you say you have not deserved that break and don’t even have a special place. It’s all out there, the free space in the woods, in the yards, you really don’t need to go far. And if you are one of the lucky ones, and find that small splash of water to have some fun in, then hey, what are you waiting for!? Just go already!

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