“Transforming from a yellow flower to a fluffy sphere, in an instant, without any fear” Gun Roswell 


The sleeping bud of the flower sprout out to a blooming marvel, to be admired by most but envied by some, as the nature had sprung all that beauty into a single one. A perfect stem of a figure with the tresses of magnificent yellowish gold hue, surely had to be the finest of the selected few! The ohs and ahs hardly ever seizing as the crowds this gorgeous being could not stop pleasing.

Imagine the surprise, when after a while, must have been sunrise, the yellow halo was almost gone and its place a dull, colourless and unappealing shadow of a thing, hardly worth twice looking. Dangling in the surrounding winds, trying to stay a float, but the golden hue of a coat, now totally stripped and what remained, was quite doomed and soon to fade. 

But the dying vain of a thing had something very special hidden; the seeds of new budding life as this was only another stage in the life of this creation, despite the appearances of dull and dreary, the insides contained the beautiful sprouts soon to be out and once in bloom again, admired by many.

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