A day by the seaside to smile

“A day or two by the seaside will make you brand new, that, is totally true, unless swallowed by a shark, har har😜” Gun Roswell 

A day by the seaside to smile

The one day of the year, waking up to the knowledge, that I am finally answering the calling, of the  waters some times storming, often times calm. But no matter what the weather will be like, I am still going to set my sails high, on the land still, and walk that long path, until I reach the beach, the shores of the sea. As today is my special day out there to flee, all my troubles and worries and get lost out there, at the sea, well, at least, staying on the shore and watching the sea, because without a boat there is only so far you can be. So the sandy beach, is enough for me to reach, that feeling of the ocean waves, the calming effect I am only able to get, while at the waters edge. And so today, I will my insides slay and become one with nature, let go off all that hatred, and when back home at the end of the day retuning, the constant churning of the inside is gone and for the next year, I can be somewhat calm, until at least the very next storm (enter smirk).

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