Autumn Vibes

“The crispness in the air and frozen puddles of the mornings, the changing colours of nature, yes, Fall has arrived once again“ Gun Roswell

Autumn Vibes

The harbour quiet and void of people, as the vessels of summer’s fun had been towed into the safety of the solemn docks, anticipating the changing of the seasons, as the cold air landed without too much of a reason, it was simply that time of the year.

The seagulls however did not seem to mind, flying their usual rounds, albeit there were no fishermen, either working or hobbyist returning from their trips, as all their ships, were permanently moored to the docks awaiting the upon coming winter time, when the waters freeze over and the snow starts to fall, after all, this is Autumn time, ie. Fall.

Feeling a tad on the off side as strolling down the piers empty now, the hustle and bustle of summer gone now, the silence descending on the place, at least until one more day of warmth hits the skies, a reminder of the time past, but just that one day of fun, before it will be gone, at least for a few months, when all this will be covered with snow and ice, until next summer.

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