Nope! Definitely turning back!

“There is just too much of it out there, and it gets all over and everywhere, the cold and wet stuff and no, I am not talking about sand!“ Gun Roswell

Nope! Definitely turning back!

The door now open, a bit anyway, as it was way too early in the morning, for anything else. But, as the footfall landed onto the first step, the view hitting back, was nothing cheerful or gorgeous, nothing even closely reminiscent of a winter wonderland. It was simply a horrid view of the white stuff, which had apparently taken over the world. And so, the idea of being out there hurled, getting a deep dive into the white stuff, the clothing and footwear clearly not enough to support the poor skin from the forces of nature currently lurking just around the corner there, even having made it impossible to find a way out of the home lair, never mind the car, which seemed hard enough to find. So, why the hell would one want to venture out there, into the cold and dampness of it all. The winter had finally won, if not the eternal war, then at least this round and then thinking before moving forward, the mind set. Yeah, definitely, it was the best call to turn back!

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