At the end of the pier there is a lighthouse

Evia, Greece

“There is always a guiding light somewhere around, if you just keep on and look for it“ Gun Roswell

At the end of the pier there is a lighthouse

The light shining ever so brightly, from the tall lighthouse, at the end of the long pier, but do not take it lightly, as this is ever so serious business, as this light, will help all those at sea, trying hard in the darkness to steer, to their familiar home port and to safety, as the mighty waves are getting kind of rough and then there is other stuff to consider too, like those nasty rocks and perhaps all the good ol’ sea monsters lurking around, the light shining brightly now, for those, who cannot find, their common ground. 

But it is not simply a light for the sea dwellers, rather those on land, close to the sandy shores, who are doing their daily chores, but the day so long, as night begins to fall, and the darkness descending all over the land and there is really no way of seeing, even where one stands, so, this lights from the house at the end of a long pier, will help everyone who needs something important to be seeing and so, the blessed light, will turn the tide for each and everyone.

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