In the aftermath of a blizzard 

Espoo, Finland

“There is nothing but snow, and more snow, for miles and miles to see, after the blizzard has struck this small city“ Gun Roswell

In the aftermath of a blizzard 

The nightly show, from above was great to look at from behind the glass, separating myself and the mess outside, as all the streets and sidewalks, not to mention porches and front doors, were covered in the stuff which kept on pouring down all night long. So, now, it was the early morning hours and daylight was coming out from each and every crack onward, and the idea of getting out there to inspect the possible damage caused by the downpour, well, getting out the door was the first hurdle, before the actual work would begin. Which was picking up that good old shovel and with each huff and puff, pushing my way out from the small house, now completely surrounded by the white not so powdery stuff, as it was pretty heavy due to the sleet and subsequently following rain of the stormy weather and so, after a few hours, a broken back and basically body, the snow was piled on top of a very tall heap, only hoping for it to stay up there, as most likely, if luck would have it, and I am saying it sarcastically, there would be more dramatically inclined weather on the way and most likely, more of the white stuff coming down and that was well worth the frown on my sweaty and tired snow shovelling face. 

Espoo, Finland

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