Red telephone boxes in the corner, waiting for your call

London, UK

“Phone home from your mobile when travelling, or if you don’t have one, then use the red telephone box to do so! Mom’s waiting!” Gun Roswell

Red telephone boxes in the corner, waiting for your call

When travelling, whether near or far, usually, the nice thing to do I send out an update to all your family, either text or call, or like the new age dictates, post a social media photo, but whatever else the method might be, somewhere around the corner in a big or small town, you can find, the old school telephone boxes, waiting for someone to make the call. After all, you’ll only need a coin, archaic I know, but then with that one you can call, mum, or anyone else, to let them know, you are there, in the big city, travelling, doing your thing. So, in case you lost the phone you were carrying along all along, or then simply the ability to use the modern tech as a thing placing a call, then do make use of the flying machine of the one odd doctor from television, as in this case it’s painted in red so the vision of it should be pretty clear. Find it, make the call, hey thanks that was pretty tall of you!

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