Beach side you can find the smile

Rhodes, Greece

There is just something about the beach which draws me there, sunshine and sand perhaps“ Gun Roswell

Beach side you can find the smile

The sun is shining and the sand is warm, the skies are clear in the colour of blue, just like the endless waters with the same hues. The day being the picture perfect image from a book filled with holiday memories from the past, those which will long last even if the snaps like the memories might fade a tad, but the good old days will be just that, and no matter whom would dare to countermand, the pictures will always tell the stories, never ever boring, with only the great bits, forgetting the shits and that is how those memories of the short but rewarding holidays should be.

During these days of present, the beach side is the place not just from the memories of past, but also a place to recharge and relax. The similar sandy shores, the blue waters which go beyond the horizon and the rising sun, always warm. If even a day in the picture prefect scenery can be spent, then certainly, a smile my way will be sent, and that is certainly time well spent.

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