Never trust a smiling cat

“The cat, a superior being in everyday, trustful, loyal and always polite… wait a minute! That is the description, mostly, of a dog! Oh well, a few white lies never hurt anyone!“ Gun Roswell

Never trust a smiling cat

The cat who on the street corner sat in a cool looking hat, and with an attitude that of a worldly guide then promised to take the traveller from a far away country, on a tour around the city, as walking around in a new town, could make one totally giddy.

So, hopping on the tiny moped with a cure two seater side car, as it was not supposed to be too fast, because a lot of great things that way could be passed while riding around too wildly, but not today as the cat had promised smiling, to have an easy peasy slow ride and that way, getting to know all those important sights.

But, soon enough, the tourists from a far, noticed the route, had taken a strange sideline and the cat, while in charge of showing its home town to the strangers from beyond, was now actually taking them to an alleyway, where the noises were growing ever more strong.

As the shocked travellers found out where they had landed, on remote alley filled with meowing cats and kittens as there can be. The cat with the hat, the supposed tour guide then once again smiled, this time, wickedly, and simply stated. “We will take you back, but first, there is an extra charge for that to happen. You see, we need our daily fishies and as we are many, and for that, a lot more money is needed as a matter of fact.”

The tourists then glanced around, feeling sorry for the starving crowd. So, without hesitation, they gave all the money they had and with a thanks, the tour then proceeded as promised from then on without worries as the cat with a wide wicked smile, had earned its daily grind fee, feeding all the family, which was never easy. And the earnings from the weary travellers, usually came pretty easily, supporting the cats cause with a gentle feeling.

Well, that was the tale of odd today, the lesson, not very strong, guess if any, then the one of never trusting a smiling cat, unless you are generous enough to feed the whole litter of them.

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