Over the rooftops 

“Look up, allege way  beyond the rooftops and see what wonders lie ahead “ Gun Roswell 

Over the rooftops 

When traveling the wide world, the pretty things all around can be mostly found on the very ground, but, if you look up, there are more things there to see, than ever imagined there would be. Just like fluffy clouds forming all kinds of images, the sun, the stars and even the moon, but perhaps the last two, only at night. Airplanes and other flying contraptions hovering above, some of them from this planet while others are not. And whatever you out there in the tall skies above the rooftops see, only your very own imagination can limit it for thee. So, do not be blind, but open your mind and enjoy all that the foreign skies can offer, and therefore you will be much richer than the one who dared not and their minds doors simply shut off. Because those who scoff at the wonders out there in the world, usually sooner or later into despair will be hurled. But before that happens, lift your gaze towards the very  heavens above, open your eyes and see what glorious things they are able to spy, and the world will be fine again.

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