Street Smart

“It is totally refurbished, to serve the modern day street user, despite the looks of it, and when riding this one, nobody will mess with you, because they are afraid of getting rust on their clothing!“ Gun Roswell

Street Smart

Not only does it look used and rusted, and the outlook of it is quite busted, but rest assure, that once you jump-start that engine, it will purr like many a small kitten as this is a totally refurbished model, street wise and all that jazz, having the creature comforts of the modern day user, someone who is a doer and not a loser, and it will carry you to whatever kind of meeting or event you had intended to walk to, only now you don’t have to as you can ride this fine small wheeled drive to whatever destination you had in mind, even take it to a shopping mall, as it will fit in any stall, then after all those tasks are completed and you feel a tad depleted, perhaps it is time to rewind and so, what better way to do that, than taking this ole vessel to the sandy shores and ride around with the windows down, which they all ready are so no hassle to be found, and enjoy the ride to the sunset and the nature open wide.

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