Peekaboo, I see me, on the beach

“It’s where I want to be, on a warm summers eve, or then basically any time of whatever, on the sunny beach” Gun Roswell 

Peekaboo, I see me, on the beach

The day as long as eternity, the tasks never completed are churning me, but, when the moment arrives, when my thoughts are mine, I am finally feeling fine, as I see it, in my minds eye, the place where I want to be, when all of this, daily grind is done, and I can finally have some fun, and so, before that day is here, I live in my thoughts there, on the sandy shores, where life is such a bore, some say, but no chores is better you see, and when the only thing to do, is sit under the parasol and sip on a drink and watch the cool blue seas, as this is the place where I do flee, when free of daily life I want to be. Alas, only in my mind can I escape there, to the other side of the sphere, where all the beaches await, and nothing else but an escape from it all, is the only reward, and so, as I close my eyes, I can spy, in my mind’s eye the beach everyone always seeks, for this very same reason.

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