Step inside

“The mysteries within the places to be found, where a tempting entrance beckons to step inside, do step right in if daring is the spirit within!“ Gun Roswell

Step inside

Step inside, do, step inside! And do hurry, as the divine is most hard to find!

And that is simply being kind, as mostly, there is nothing there to be found, no matter going round and around and even over it, there is no real fix!

But, if you are simply looking for an adventure, just for the sake of it, never giving a shit what you will or will not find while on it, then, do, step right in!

The somewhat covered entrance, on the small street without a sign to pinpoint its locale, a well, kept secret from ages past, as this place was a secret meant to last.

But once you get past the locks and bolts and the guard dogs, step right in, as it is time to let the adventure of a life time begin, or at least for this very moment in time!

And should you be so lucky, as to find a treasure, no matter it might measure, then perhaps, it wasn’t a waste of time after all?

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