The Scenic Route

“Take the ever-changing scenic route, around the small clear lake, that’s just so damned good!” Gun Roswell

The Scenic Route

Again, Monday, really came, too soon
But that’s alright, you stupid old fool
Since you are not going, to any kind of school
And then, even the working day, was totally doomed
Yes, that is the ever existing Monday mood
Luckily, the weather, was sunny yet cool
And what came next, well, you just knew

There really was no good reason to stay inside
And on top of that, make a gloomy face and plain hide
Rather, to take, a good long hike outside
In the great and good nature, open wide
With the eye shades on, then, step into the light
And stating, this scenic route, with a big smile

As there is nothing more so completely healing
Than, when the nature is truly revealing
It’s awesome energetic power and thus sealing
Into, it’s calming embrace, this small human being

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