Autumn sunrise

“There is nothing better in Autumn, than a calm Fall morning sunrise by the seashore” Gun Roswell

Autumn sunrise

In a hurry, just, like always, so also, this morning
Trying to beat the traffic and get to the seaside before the dawning
To watch, experience and really enjoy, a spectacle, specially arranged by mother nature
But I am so worried, I will be belated
Alas, as I suspected, the time is not, on my side
As I am trying, towards the goal, as fast as possible, to drive
But, since the other drivers, seem to have, the exact same agenda
I worry, that all this hurry, is only going to leave me in one big surrender
And soon enough, my fears are materialized, as all the cars, come, to a full stop
As if by some great plan, they all halt, right there on the dot
Is it a red light or some other type of strife, I wonder just then
Swearing, cussing, under my breath, hoping, wishing, not too much time to spend
In this state of suspension, my face, in a constant animation
Feelings rising, emotions getting spicy
And then, just as all hope had been cast out the window
The line of vehicles gradually start to move
From the rear view window, I can see the water flow
Closer, and closer I slowly like a snail approach
The sun, rising, the reddish glow, reminiscent of a torch
As I am finally reaching the spot, I quickly find the parking lot
Rushing out of the car, I am running, even if it’s not so far
The pier, where all the viewers are now
In awe, admiring the reflected glow
Of the sun rising in this Autumn morning
Could not have asked for a better view for this dawning

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