Welcome to Acropolis

“It’s the travelling to the far corners of the earth which leaves one in awe” Gun Roswell

Welcome to Acropolis

Climbing the tall steps ever winding
Good thing I got great shoes my poor feet binding
No one warned it would be so hot and humid
But I can take it, just to see the ruins
A well-kept secret among the locals
There be so much more to see you need bifocals
Just to capture the essence of the ancient past
As all the structures are fading fast

But the good folks of this here country
Are trying to preserve this unmeasurable bounty
Restoring all with major care and respect
For us touristy types to enjoy and accept
That history is a great thing and needs to be preserved
And not just for the looks and feel of this heard
But to remember, it was all totally real
And to take pleasure of the past and its feel

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