The two options on my brain at any given moment

“I have two whole modes in my small brain, and here is their story” Gun Roswell

The two options on my brain at any given moment

The brain is a funny thing, as a mere thought of pleasure can make you dance and sing. The happy mode can go on, at least until the end of the experience which caused this exercise in the first place, something which usually do not last that long as it seems after a while to beep something so totally wrong. The off switch then quickly hits, and all the fun and games seize to exist. 

The cells few and between in this mind, supposedly kind, so hard are trying to find the reasons for the face in front, to stay completely sour and blunt. It is odd, but then again the cells makes me scoff, after all, what the hell was I thinking, deserving all that leisurely break after all. It is so fake the brain cells keep on telling me, because without the sense of fun, I am free?


Seems my brain supposedly superior cells and I, are on a complete divide, as all my stupid body wants to do, is hang out and waste some time. Preferably doing something causing a loud laugh, making the close by people to comment, “look at that!” Alas, as soon as I try to let loose, those f-Ing brain cells tell me I have to choose or I will loose, the rest of them.

This suggestion was certainly a no brainer, as am I.

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