Mondays with Coffee

“There is nothing wrong with Mondays, if you have loads and loads of coffee to support your fowl mood” Gun Roswell

Mondays with Coffee

The amount of coffee needed to survive a Monday, is easily calculable as you only need to put together the number of cups, clean, old, broken, small or big size, it does not matter really. But if you add up all those consumed ones from late Thursday afternoon until last one in the evening of a Sunday. Then add that figure carried with two, minimum, would be the only way to survive a full on Monday day. Easy isn’t it just?

But hey, if you me don’t that easily trust, when I have put forth this very high math formula in front of you, as the simple solution to all that Monday blues, then here is a thought you might try and then come next Monday do tell me I have lied: Why not just simply try, to not have a single drop of coffee during the whole day of Monday. And if you for what ever reason, miracle or other wise, have manage that day to survive, without killing too many people or run any other kind of fowl, then hallelujah to you! 

But deep down, you know that is all a lie and you really need that coffee to survive, Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week too.

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