Seat at the sunny window 

“Take a load off by the seat on the sunny side off the room” Gun Roswell

Seat at the sunny window 

The sunny side is warm and inviting on a day when the sun is shining, and the world outside de looks e be n more inviting to be explored. Alas for those weary, for those whom only want to sit down and keep on glaring on the world outdoors, without the need for exploring any of it at all, this place of rest is the best, the perfect spot to lay low and keep the score, of the rest of them out there, looking for scores, something which will lead them out of their bores. But for these special kinds of observers of the human kind, there is nothing more interesting out there they can find, except keeping an eye on the others of their kind in search of something they will not find, as the one true thing to be bound on any given sunny day, part from the comfort of the warmth off the one true seat in the middle of a sunny ray, inside the room where the most comfortable seat now resides. And this is the best seat of a respite on the whole town.

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