Archways decoded


“Arches upon arches, as smart building styles, mathematically totally sound, are the archways where the codes in are bound” Gun Roswell

Archways decoded

The ancient ruins, discarded, but most walls still standing, especially those doorways and entrances, the archways, built to last the test of time, with mathematical preciseness, the builders clearly decisive of what and how, the calculations done without a single flaw in the formula, the code hidden inside of the regularly looking stone work, hidden from prying eyes and not even possible to reverse engineer for the present day bob of a builder, even if similar archways could be built along the lanes, but it would never be the same proud constructs as those from the ancient past, because these modern day structures will never last, like the old school ones did and do, the secretes buried inside of how these fine arched doorways and walls appeared, from the claws of the backwards dwellers, and so, before we start to tear down and destroy them, perhaps leave them be, as a reminder of something good and clean, we can really never be Abel to achieve during these so called days of the modern era, as these archways can never really be, decoded.

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