Blue seats for a Blue Sunday

Crete, Greece

“The blues can continue all through the week, and so, when we seek solace, it can be found inside the blues, so take a load of, on a seat so blue and let the blues wash over you“ Gun Roswell

Blue seats for a Blue Sunday

The Sunday is once again upon us, the working week, finally done, feeling like a bunched up sponge with all the energy having been sucked out, like the wraith had had their fun and now, forgotten all the supposed puns about that, but I digress and so, the idea of getting a respite even if feeling the Sunday blues, as per usual, because it is the end of a short era, a week now done and done with, even if it may not have been the most fun I had with, but today on this Sunday, I am able to have a respite and dwell inside the blues, sit on my seat I did eventually choose and now surrounded by the whole electric feel of the blues, skies, seas and my seat, for this day, are a perfect cheat for the mind wondering, before Monday rears its head once again and a new era of a week will begin.

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