Oh so quiet and calm!

“The ocean beckons to  be explored, but today, I feel like such a bore, and simply want to rest for a while longer, on top of the calming waves” Gun Roswell

Oh so quiet and calm!

The calming of the waves, as soon as I my head will lay, on top of the smoothing surface at any, body gently floating, as it is coping, with this overly gentle place, searching for a state of mind, which out there is really hard to find, the peace, the quiet, the calm, but here it is all so clear, when lulled to sleep, on these calming waves, as even after all the fight of the day, this is where I finally want to stay, on top of the soft material, even if not a bed of any kind, I need my rest and so, this state is the one not to debate, whether or not, and so, with eyes closed tightly, I concentrate, still floating above the edge, the mind at rest, thoughts all gone, no sounds or images to explore, only the calm and quiet surrounding, this unruly mind and body, without counting the passing time, and that is all simply fine.

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