Cat a contemplating on life

The cat sitting in the middle of the street? Well? It can mean several things really – waiting, wasting time, contemplating life, or just sitting, just because they can” Gun Roswell

Cat a contemplating on life

The cat who sat, in the middle of the street, someone even pleading, for them to move away, as traffic would most likely cause some dismay, alas, the cat who there calmly sat, could not have cared any less, because they had a bigger plan, the bigger picture to see, because this was no ordinary cat, whom simply on the streets sat, rather someone with many philosophical thoughts, their mind in a constant swirl of all the things in there hurled, thinking about life, the passersby, even the faint smiles given to them on a few occasion, and so, without moving much, the cat who on the street sat, kept on plotting and planning, the life as we know it scanning, taking serious notes, and then posting those, in the galactic wide board, for the rest of the life forms, to make a note of, a warning of sorts, of what the Hoomans of the blue globe, were doing, without any kind of good form.

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