The watcher on the ledge

“The small bird keeps on singing its song all day long, but, are you really listening?“ Gun Roswell 

The watcher on the ledge

The bird who on the ledge keeps on sitting, sometimes it might be singing, but often times, only watching, observing, taking notes, of all those around and below, just in the hopes, that maybe, someone would sometime read them and then, maybe learn from the past experiences of all the others making their mistakes, which this observer of a kind, has painstakingly recorded for all mankind, for the future reference for a much needed learning experience in them to find.

So, next time around, when you spot a bird, on the higher ground, sitting on the ledge up there, maybe even singing a few songs, for your pleasure, just to make you feel safe, and then give you some much needed strength, even for the moment as theses birds are there only to replay, those past events in the form of a song. And whether you are listening in to the wisdom in there is really up to you, so please do, listen carefully, and maybe you can learn something important too.

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