Greece vs. Rock for World Wide Wednesday

“There is plenty of rock in good old Greece” Gun Roswell

Greece vs. Rock

Rocks piled, one by one
For miles, they seemed to go on
Maybe, it was a puzzle, the ancients tried to do
Or maybe, it was a fortress, for the chosen few

There it stands, visible from all over the land
A mighty pile of rock, a wall if you will, proudly stands
Make it what you will, a castle, a monument or ancient ruins
They old ones surely knew, when they built it, what they were doing

Here we are, the modern kind
Staring, gawking, wondering, of the find
I guess what ever the vision calls for
But in a good way, they had us all

We have written the history for ourselves
Memorizing the past, from the books on the shelves
Conjuring stories behind the old buildings and kind
Never knowing, where the truth, really lies

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