Winter Tales 4

“Hidden, behind the trees and under the freshly fallen snow, a place of rest “ Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 4

The small house in the middle of thick forest
A place to go when the need to unwind and rest
Gets too strong after the multitude of seasonal parties
So, before you totally let your heart sink
Pack a small bag with only the necessities
And remember, time is never the essence here
When through the tiny door enter
All your troubles and worries at the threshold center
Only the good things in there are allowed
Not even cussing or whining permitted aloud
Spend your days with solemn contemplation
Or with a good book for hours on end without fear of damnation
This, is the place of peace and rest
And when inside the house you have done your very best
Pull up a pair of skis or skates
And take yourself outside to the fresh air or even the frozen lake
Enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer
And maybe you too will live longer and prosper

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