The Peekaboo Cat

“The curious cat will always be lurking around and checking things out“ Gun Roswell

The Peekaboo Cat

The cat who was always so curious peeking her head out from whatever corner or nook she could. She did not care about someone seeing her doing so nor was she easily scared. She simply liked to take a look, of whatever was going on and then she was hooked. She kept on watching life as it went by her, the other creatures doing their thing, living, learning, dancing, even some of them would sing. But, as time went on, she got as the others got old and one day, she realised much to her own dismay, that she had only watched life happening there, outside all those hideaways she liked in to dwell. Now as the interest was still there but she had done nothing to daring, not even showing her face to those others passing by in haste. Deciding today was that day, she was going to take part in the display, rather than simply hiding away. Taking a look from her nook, she slowly but surely took the first ever step, making her way to the light of the day and was surprised, as the others there, while seeing her for the very first time, simply smiled and told her: ?

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