Sunrise by the seaside

“The cliche of a sunrise, well, it just makes me smile to look at it, that’’s all, the sunrise I mean, not the cliche!“ Gun Roswell

Sunrise by the seaside

Walking on an empty beach in the early morning hours simply to reach, that best spot on the sandy shore, to catch the first rays of the dawn. Making my space on this on specific place as I wait with patience for the spectacle of the morning display to come alive because without that special thing to be seen, I am not able my day to begin, rather falling to a pit of darkness, caring less of it all, and that is no way to be living.

But I am staying strong, knowing the ball of fire will not take long, to make its appearance like it always does. And it is simply because if a day would happen, without seeing at least of glimpse of that one shiny thing high up in the skies, then most of us would likely die and that is no lie. As the bright and fiery star even from a far, give us all that we need to survive and if we are smart, we keep on worshiping the bright bringers of life each and every morning, as it rises over the horizon.

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