The two faces of the moon today

“The moon is either hidden or visible, with so many sides to it, crescent, half and even full“ Gun Roswell

The two faces of the moon today

The moon stood proud without any kind of shroud covering its face in the blue skies, right in the middle of day light, even if it had been several hours for it to already say good night despite the morning hours, but due to its nature, the day was the moon’s sleeping time. Still, guess the all mighty and powerful sun did not mind, for a bit of a competition of the admiration kind as the moon now visible was almost blending into the blue hues as enhanced by the sun’s bright light.

But during the night, when all others had most likely gone to sleep, into a slumber so deep as it was totally quiet all over the globe, except from the sound of the sparkling stars high up in the night skies. But, they were not a match, to the almost fully formed patch, glued most likely permanently to dark canvas, showing off its better side of the face, always keeping the other side hidden, but hey, for those of us worshippers totally smitten, this side was always nice to see.

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