Take a ride in the rain

“The rain will not stop those wanting to ride their bikes, motorised or otherwise“ Gun Roswell

Take a ride in the rain

The rain stained the asphalted plains, but it did not matter to the hard core rider

And even if they are really not, the tough and rough kind of natural born fighter

It does not matter, because out of love and devotion, the rider will get out there

And ride the steady steed across the land, sand or water, it does not really matter

Even if the chatter from the others, might want to change this rider’s mind 

But, being totally devoted and kind, to the bike which can give them a ride

Well, there are really no sides to be taken here, rather the best choice of all to take

And this relationship, between organic and machine, is not something new to be seen

So, mounting on their ride, soon enough the world around then is no more divided,

Rather one and wide united road side, where anyone can set out on and drive

No matter whether this bike is just a simple and manual and in need to be peddled

Or a power house of a thing, with a motor which can make a die hard fans heart sing

Riding best, with bare feet, I guess

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