The mood of the day

“The mood, ever changing, by the day, by the hour, even by the second, as yes, I am really that moody!” Gun Roswell

The mood of the day

The mood, something which sometimes, really should, not be effecting anything, but unfortunately, more often times, it goes completely out of control, like it totally has a mind of its own and during those times, well, not even a smile will get you off the hook, when a great big booboo had been left out of the locked hideaway, deep inside the mind’s eye, and even acting all quiet and nice with a great big wide smile will cover for the mood swings and the following rough words flying out the pit of the stomach and right through the big mouth and this is where it all goes totally south, as everything said will always sound too loud and so, there is really nothing making one feel proud, the moody blues, will make you totally lose your dignity and whatever else, and so, thanks to the mood swaying every which way, there is no use in one place stay as nobody wants to see those kinds of things happening, the moods soon unwrapping your true self, but in the end why dwell, we all use those moods as an excuse for bad behaviour, and so, let them all out, even if totally loud, as sometimes most of us need to not behave.

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