The Moon in the Morning Sky

“There is a moon still up there in the skies, even if it is time for the sun to rise” Gun Roswell

The Moon in the Morning Sky

There is always some kind of a surprise, for us mere mortals when you look up there into the great skies. Sometimes, a star arises where you least expected it to, or then, perhaps some visitor from a far can be seen in their small ship running fast. But, I guess the more mundane stuff, such as the moon and the sun, can too be a lot of fun. Especially, when rising up in the early morning hours, the sky becoming red of as you might expect, from the great star, the sun soon to rise. But what do those still sleepy eyes then spy? Well, the moon of course, which still keeps on hanging up there, in the stratosphere, even if it was time for it to take a long nap for the day as the shiny ball of light was on their way to slay the day. Still, the two were up there both sharing the same stage, and it did not seem like either was going to take their bow and disappear, rather remaining there, letting us dwellers below watch in awe, as the two giants were sharing the centre stage together, without qualm.

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