Street Artist

“The artist are always at work, creating, doing their thing, even on the streets” Gun Roswell

Street Artist

The art is the most important part of their lives, those who for their own views in life thrive, the ones who do not care as to what other people say, as of their displays, as the art work they create is their labour of love, and those who do not like what the end result depicts, well, they can easily stick it… but then again, art is always subjective and that is simply fine, as most of it, is clearly created out of the divine.

As much divine as this particular artist of the streets, their paint work gracing those passers by, whom always beauty seek, can find those things in the art of this simple painter working on the streets, perhaps in a quick session of drawing once own face or the pre painted flowery fields, no matter what the scene, it’s all good, because the beauty of anything really, is in the eye of the beholder, and so, those out there scolding on something being not good, it is simply a matter of being misunderstood, so better take another look, and see what you can find there in stead.

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